Mark Rylance, backstage at Jerusalem, Apollo Theatre, 2011

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Tom Hiddleston on stage as Coriolanus at Donmar Warehouse (x)

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Title: Ballyturk - Poisonous His Envy (excerpt) Artist: Cillian Murphy 1,034 plays


Ballyturk’s original soundtrack by Teho Teardo can be streamed on spotify now, and it has bits of dialogue from the play like this excerpt — Cillian’s opening monologue. Haunting. Incredible.

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Ferdinand is a massive shit, but it took this rewatch to realize quite what’s going on in this scene between him and his brother (that the Cardinal doesn’t want him to actually quit being murderously furious about his sister’s sex life, just not to shout and spit about it) and it’s a thing that makes me think a lot about their relationship. 


Sneak peek production images of Neville’s Island! They look gorgeous! So handsome our Ade. (x

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bury me here

Oh gosh, this play.

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'And thou hast ta'en that massy sheet of lead
That hid thy husband's bones, and folded it
About my heart.'

'Mine bleeds for 't.'

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Our university’s drama department put on Love and Money by Dennis Kelly and I saw it last night and it was just so fucking phenomenal I can’t stop thinking about it and just trying to process that this production was put together by 7 non-professional twentysomethings

Cillian Murphy on working with Enda Walsh in 1996 on Disco Pigs and now Ballyturk:


'We didn’t know at that time he was a significant writer. He was just a young writer with energy and attitude. And great hair. So I was spoilt. It was a break for me. I just love his sense of humour, the way he smashes comedy up against tragedy. His plays could never work on television or film, they are so purely theatrical. And he is a beautiful wordsmith. For an actor to be given these beautiful speeches is a great gift.'


Read the full interview with Cillian Murphy on Ballyturk in the Evening Standard